IPSA Creative Concealer Spf25/Pa+++ 4.5g
Product details: IPSA Creative Concealer Spf25/Pa+++ 4.5gIPSA イプサ クリエイテイブコンシーラーe 4.5gIPSA 茵芙纱纯美新光透无暇三色修饰遮瑕膏 A concealer compact that offers three shades to combine, address skin tone and blemishes, produce comprehensive coverage with a natural, translucent finish. Makes flaws that disrupt skin tone such...
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IPSA The Time Reset Aqua W 200ml
Product details: IPSA The Time Reset Aqua W 200mlIPSA ザ・タイムR アクア 200mlIPSA 茵芙纱流金岁月凝润美肤水 鎏金水 Rehydrate your skin to moisturise, balance, and lock in moisture. Aqua Presenter III uses three moisturising effects to ensure long-lasting hydration and aids the absorption of other...
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IPSA Luminizing Clay Deep Pore Cleansing 100g
Product details: IPSA Luminizing Clay Deep Pore Cleansing 100gイプサ ルミナイジング クレイe 100gIPSA 茵芙莎新版海泥粘土按摩面膜 A clay-like massage mask that removes dirt that is difficult to remove around the pores as well as unnecessary stratum corneum, and adsorbs and cleanses sebum to make...
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