Syn-Ake Spa Treatment Healing Eye Mask Sheet 60Pcs


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スパトリートメント ストレッチ i シート  60枚入り (110m)

The popular snake poison-like ingredient combined the high humidity retention ingredient which just did it including rhinoceros Thailand extract, and powered it up.

I shut in nine kinds of humidity retention ingredients in UMB nanocapsule (original raw materials) tightly and give an eye, the lips which age is easy to be over tension and moisture and lead it to the transparent moist fair skin which there is no of dullness.

Moisturizing Eye Masks with 110ml of beauty serum, Syn-ake, and 9 kinds of nano encapsulated hydrating components that penetrate and supply rich moisture deep into the skin.

It makes your skin around your eyes and mouth resilient, clear and hydrated.


9 kinds of hydrating components such as collagen are blended.

Placenta extract and arbutin help to achieve bright and clear skin.

Free of fragrance, colouring, paraffinum liquidum, and petroleum surfactant.

It comes with tweezers.


  1. Use after washing your face and applying your skin toner.
  2. Take an eye mask and apply it under your eye as you stretch the mask along the tail of the eye.
  3. Leave it for 10 minutes and take it off.
  4. Apply the serum left on your skin.
  5. You can use the masks around your mouth as well.

How to use:

  1. (After washing the face, and then used after trimming the skin with lotion and milky lotion. Take out one by one the sheet with the supplied tweezers. First, in under the eyes and hold to secure with one hand. Then with the other hand, please put while pulled in slowly and appropriate force the corner of the eye portion of the sheet.
  2. And stretched and pulled at once so you do not stretch ※, please pulled up slowly.
  3. Remove the sheet from the place as it is about 10 minutes.
  4. The remaining essence is not wiped off your skin, please let me rub your skin with the fingertips. Please use then when it is your use of the cream.

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          Customer Reviews

          Based on 1 review
          Ventris MA
          Works at a fair price

          Nice eye mask, with much essence.
          Wont dry out because of the good design of the box.
          Help make eyes less puffy and the dark circle lighter.

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