Care for sensitive skin

Care for sensitive skin
  It happens every year: Summer winds down and the cool weather slowly creeps in. As hard as it can be to pack away those shorts and flirty summer dresses, sweater weather is definitely enticing in its own way.
Just like transitioning to a new wardrobe, your skincare regimen needs a change in fall. Here are eight autumn skin and body care tips to keep you looking and feeling lovely through the season.
  • Switch Up Your Body Cleanser

In the summer, fruity shower gels feel refreshing. In the fall and winter, a hydrating, creamy body wash is in order.
  • Moisturize All Day, Every Day

Moisturizing from head to toe is non-negotiable in the colder months. The best time to apply lotion is right after your shower or bath when your skin is still a bit damp.
  • Try an Oil-Based Scrub

Oil-based scrubs are perfect for autumn and winter because they polish and hydrate skin all at once.
  • Embrace Facial Oil

It might seem unthinkable to let oil touch your face during the sweaty summer months. But oil actually isn't bad for your face at all.
  • Don't Forget Sunscreen

Just because you may not be laying on the beach, doesn't mean you can forget the sunscreen for the next six months. Facial sunscreen is a daily essential even in autumn—especially since overcast days can make you forget that sun rays are still beaming down on you. Use a facial moisturizer with a minimum of SPF 15 and reapply every couple of hours if you're going to step outside.
  • Keep Your Feet Soft and Smooth

Even though your feet are probably going to be tucked into boots and closed shoes for months to come, you should continue to take care of them and exfoliate on a regular basis. Dry, cracked heels can be very uncomfortable.
  • Indulge in a New Hand Cream

It's so important to carry a good hand cream in the colder months.
  • Say Hello to Cuticle Oil

One tell-tale sign of cold weather is dry cuticles. Sometimes even the best hand creams aren't heavy-duty enough to tackle this issue.
   Curel is a brand designed by Kao of Japan for dry sensitive muscles. In the entire list of sensitive muscle care brands, Kao is the first cosmetics brand to focus on the presence of lipid “Ceramide Ceramide” between skin keratinocytes. Developed for dry sensitive skin, Moisturizing Moisturizing Cleansing Gel is soft and cleans, reducing friction and reducing skin burden. The Moisturizing Nourishing Cream is rich in ceramide functional ingredients and is also a star product of his family.
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  1. Fancl

   Fancl is Japan's largest and most comprehensive non-additive skin care and health food brand, eliminating skin problems caused by all preservative-containing skin care products, and maintaining the world's no-added leadership position. Star product smooth and clean flour is a powdery cleansing product. It can be used to make a very dense foam when it is slightly dampened with water. It has a strong cleaning ability. It has the function of balancing oil control, removing blackheads and shrinking pores. It is a good makeup remover. Secondary cleansing products.




 Freeplus is a skin care brand under the KANEBO brand of Japan. The raw materials are taken from natural plants and are dedicated to providing nearly zero stimulating peace of mind for sensitive and unstable modern women. Star Products Net Run Cleanser is an amino acid cleansing lotion that can produce delicate and weak acid foam. It can thoroughly cleanse the skin and rinse. It is a cleansing product essential for sensitive muscles.



  1. MINON

MINON is a skin series specially developed for sensitive muscles and dry muscles. It is a brand of the “Daiichi Sankyo Company Limited”, which is a well-known Japanese pharmaceutical company with a history of more than 40 years. Its skin care products are mainly amino acids. It is recommended to use natural skin, thin red blood, dermatitis, keratin and other skin damage. Whether it is an amino acid water emulsion or an amino acid mask, Minon has a very good anti-allergic effect, which is necessary during the season. No fragrance, no alcohol, no preservatives, pregnant women can also use.




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