Hair Loss Prevention

Hair Loss Prevention

 I believe that most of the students who have come to study in the UK will definitely feel that hair loss is getting worse. All of you should be heard that the water content of minerals in the UK is high. This water is commonly known as “hard water”, and this hard water may also affect hair loss. The reason is that hard water and shampoo are easy to cause chemistry. The reaction leaves a mineral residue on the hair. These residues make the hair dull and lifeless. After using the hard water for a long time, the hair can be imagined and can no longer bear it.

 Except hard water causing hair loss,there are several major factors in the reasons for hair loss:

  1. Endocrine factors (irregular life, day and night lead to endocrine disorders)
  2. Disease factors (anaemia, malnutrition, etc.)
  3. Mental factors (increased academic and life pressure)
  4. Genetic factors (lipid hair loss)
  5. Excessive hot dyeing, damaged roots


 You should know which factor causes your hair loss, here are a few tips on hair growth, which may help you.


 Everyone knows ginger grows hair but rarely knows about taboos and usage. It is best to use ginger juice, and Wipe it on the scalp with a cotton swab every day.

2.Diet maintenance

 Hair growth requires nutrients such as protein, amino acids, fats and trace elements such as zinc, iron and calcium. You can also eat black sesame seeds, black beans, nuts, fish and shrimps.

3  Reducing Wash your hair

 The scalp is weakly acidic and has a pH of about 5. So our shampoo is alkaline and used to neutralize the oil. After shampooing, the sweat glands secrete oil to recover the scalp. Restore the scalp environment. Therefore, the more you wash, the more damage to the scalp. Reducing hair wash which will reduce scalp consumption, maintain the scalp environment, and increase hair growth.

4 Massage on your head

 Massage the head can regulate the secretion of sebaceous glands and promote the metabolism of hair blood circulation. Combing is the best method of massage,but to make sure to use a wooden comb and a bone comb. Do not comb your hair after shampooing as your hair is weak after hair washing.

5. Use the hair nutrient solution

Some hair nutrient solution can help the growth of the hair.

The product you should know:Japanese Yanagiya Hair Tonic

Continual scalp care is important to grow young and healthy hair. YANAGIYA Hair Tonic is a fresh hair tonic whose medicinal properties seep into hair roots, preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth. Medium 240ml size.
Continuous scalp care is important for growing young, healthy and strong hair. Three types of medicinal and natural remedy extracts (Swertia japonica, ginseng, Sophora flavescens and Rabdosia japonica) penetrate to the roots of your hair to prevent hair loss and promote growth. Benefits and effects of hair growth, hair restoration, hair growth promotion and the prevention of dandruff, itching, thin hair and hair loss.
How to use:
  1. Please remove all water from your hair before you use the hair tonic.
  2. Rub a moderate amount of the hair tonic into the scalp two to three times a day.
  3. Please message the scalp without digging your nails into it.


 6. More regular sleep

Sleep makes your hair growth,don't stay up late!


 7. Poor emotions or excessive mental stress can lead to aggravation of hair loss.

Try to do some outdoor sports, exercise, fitness, etc. To relieve stress and maintain a happy mood.



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